About us

As a locally-owned and operated nature tour company based in Tanzania,  with our highly experienced and passionate guides grew up and live in the Tanzania. Will connect you to a perfect blend of nature, comfort and tranquility. Our Lofty standards focus on immersive and transformative experiences, sustainable African safaris 

and top-notch services, all with the goal of providing travellers with meaningful and enriching journeys. With our bespoke itineraries, your memories evoke the most gratifying experience.


Respecting wildlife, minimising our environmental impact and empowering communities are intrinsic aspects of how we like to do business. We respect wild animals, their space and their environment, so our guests enjoy their safari without stressing the animals. We donate to provide educational opportunities for vulnerable youth, support responsible cultural tourism projects and minimise our environmental impact, with initiatives such as off-setting carbon emissions and being plastic free.

Personalised Itinerary

Personalised We tailor your trip to suit YOU. Our safari consultants will spend time finding out about you, your requirements, tastes and budget then turn those into reality with a personalised itinerary. This ensures that we provide the finer details to make an outstanding trip. We are connected with you to answer any questions from the moment you enquire to when you return home after your safari.

Safari Vehicles

Our purpose-built safari vehicles are serviced and well maintained after every safari and we avoid back to back trips using the same cars or guides, ensuring that your team are rested and the vehicles are in top condition. Our guides are first aid trained and we include a flying doctor service for every guest, so you can put your mind at ease, relax and enjoy your travels.

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