Sustainable Tourism


  • Proudly supporting locally owned businesses, from carefully selected lodges and camps, to sourcing food and supplies.
  • Paying a good wage to all our guides ensuring they take the utmost pride in their work and are able to support their families.


  • Donating directly from each tour to Umoja Tanzania and Asante Africa who provide services for vulnerable youth.
  • Offering work experience, training and mentorship to young Tanzanians.
  • Supporting indigenous groups by engaging in appropriate cultural tourism and paying fair community contributions.
  • Carefully selecting accommodation with trusted HR policies and good reputations.


  • Off-setting 100% of our carbon emissions and encouraging our guests to off-set their flight emissions.
  • Providing our clients with stainless-steel water bottles and safe drinking water.
  • All our tours are zero plastic.
  • Providing hot lunches in reusable containers, rather than disposable lunch boxes.

What You Can Do:

  • Book with an ethical safari provider
  • Listen to your guides
  • Minimise the rubbish you take into the parks and take out what you can 
  • Use refillable water bottles and refuse plastic bottles
  • Be wary of cheap tour companies as they often cut corners
  • Don’t put pressure your guides to find particular animals such as ticking off the ‘big five’ – be content with what you see rather than chasing from one animal to the next
  • Respect the animals and stay a good distance away from them, unless they come to you!
  • Do not be tempted into tours which encourage you to touch the animals, such as lion cubs or elephant riding
  • Use Social Media responsibly, avoid geo-tagging to show your location. Poachers are becoming increasingly resourceful in using the internet to find out where animals are – so if you are posting photos of a rhino with a location tag, then potentially you are sending the information into the wrong hands, making the poachers job easier.
  • Do not be tempted to give out money / pens / sweets to beggars or children at the side of the road. Donate to projects and communities instead. We can advise you on this further.
  • Pay a fair price for services offered or items bought.


Journey to the celebrated Northern Circuit of Tanzania, following the path of the last Great Migration on earth.

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